2003/2004: Scottish Premiership One



S. Moffatt 15 S. O’Donnell
Sharman 14 R. Watson
B. Cairns 13 R. West
A. Cowie 12 I. Leighton
T. Meadows 11 A. Scott
G. Rutherford 10 J. Noonan
W. Lawrie 9 S. Pinder
C. Quigley 1 C. Hastie
G. Scott 2 G. Inglis
P. Loane 3 G. Walsh
N. Rae 4 I. Smith
A. Adam 5 J. Beardshaw
O. Baikie 6 L. Hazelton
G. Bell 7 J. Fitzpatrick
C. Shaw 8 A. Plastow
McKewan 16 I. McKinnon
Morrison 17 A. Williamson
G. Moffatt 18 J. Eddie
Corbett 19 S. Cowan
S. Moffatt (2), Scott Try Beardshaw, O’Donnell, Plastow
Rutherford (2) Con Noonan (2)
Rutherford Pen Noonan
DG Noonan
Mr. A. Williamson (Hawick)


The accuracy of Mark Twain’s assertion that the size of the fight in the dog is more important than the size of the dog in the fight was underlined at Malleny Park when the physically smaller visitors staged a late rally to secure a crucial win, writes Marion Trace.

GHA coach David Wilson conceded that, entering the final quarter, he believed his men were heading for a defeat that would almost certainly have consigned them to the second division. “At 19-8, I thought we were dead and buried”, he said. “They showed a lot of character to come back.”

The visitors had looked hungrier than the hosts, enjoying most of the possession in the opening half-hour, yet were locked at five points apiece. Noonan edged GHA into a three-point lead at the break, but Currie looked to be heading for victory when Glasgow pro Stuart Moffat intercepted inside his own 22 and sped upfield for his second try and was also involved in the lead-up to a score by Gavin Scott three minutes later. Greg Rutherford converted both.

GHA hit back though with tries from Andy Plastow and Joe Beardshaw. Noonan converted both to give GHA a three-point advantage, but a penalty by Rutherford squared matters 12 minutes from time. A draw appeared inevitable, but inside the final minute Noonan slotted a neat drop-goal to seize the win and leave Currie facing a troubled run-in to their campaign.

Home coach Ally Donaldson said: “I don’t know if it was just a case that we believed all along we would pull through, but we are in serious trouble now.”

Source: ESPN, Sunday 25th January 2004 & The Scotsman, Monday 26th January 2004

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