02/09/2017BT West Reserve 1Cartha Queens Park RFC 2nd XV54-0GHA Lions
09/09/2017BT West Reserve 1Hillhead / Jordanhill RFC 2nd XV28-0GHA Lions
16/09/2017BT West Reserve 1Dalziel RFC 2nd XV5-22GHA Lions
23/09/2017BT West Reserve 1Hamilton RFC 3rd XV28-0GHA Lions
30/09/2017BT West Reserve 1East Kilbride RFC 2nd XV17-48GHA Lions
07/10/2017BT West Reserve 1West of Scotland FC 2nd XV28-0GHA Lions
14/10/2017BT West Reserve 1GHA Lions51-15Glasgow Academicals RFC 2nd XV
21/10/2017BT West Reserve 1Dumfries Saints 2nd XV25-28GHA Lions
28/10/2017BT West Reserve 1GHA Lions52-31GHK RFC 2nd XV
04/11/2017BT West Reserve 1Carrick RFC 2nd XV24-32GHA Lions
02/12/2017BT West Reserve 1GHA Lions28-0Irvine RFC 2nd XV
09/12/2017BT West Reserve 1GHA Lions-Cartha Queens Park RFC 2nd XV
16/12/2017BT West Reserve 1GHA Lions-Hillhead / Jordanhill RFC 2nd XV
06/01/2018BT West Reserve 1GHA Lions-Dalziel RFC 2nd XV
13/01/2018BT West Reserve 1GHA Lions-Hamilton RFC 3rd XV
20/01/2018BT West Reserve 1GHA Lions-East Kilbride RFC 2nd XV
27/01/2018BT West Reserve 1GHA Lions-West of Scotland FC 2nd XV
17/02/2018BT West Reserve 1Glasgow Academicals RFC 2nd XV-GHA Lions
03/03/2018BT West Reserve 1GHA Lions-Dumfries Saints 2nd XV
24/03/2018BT West Reserve 1GHK RFC 2nd XV-GHA Lions
31/03/2018BT West Reserve 1GHA Lions-Carrick RFC 2nd XV
07/04/2018BT West Reserve 1Irvine RFC 2nd XV-GHA Lions